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17 Apr 2024

Giza - Egypt In photos

About Giza - Egypt

Giza is the third largest city in Egypt. It is located on the west bank of the Nile, some 20 km southwest of central Cairo. Along with Cairo, Shubra El-Kheima and Helwan, the four cities form Greater Cairo metropolis. The city of Giza is the capital of the Giza Governorate, and is located near the northeast border of this governorate in coordinates. It is located right on the banks of the River Nile. The city's population was 2,681,863 in the 2006 national census, while the governorate had 6,272,571 at the same census. Its large population made it the world's second largest suburb in 2006, tied with Incheon, South Korea and Quezon City, Philippines, second only to Yokohama, Japan. The Great Pyramid of Giza at one time was advocated1884 as the location for the Prime Meridian, a reference point used for determining a base longitude.