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Hong Kong

Hong kong

Latitude Is: 22' 19'' N
Longitude Is: 114' 11'' E



05 Mar 2024

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Hong Kong is a world city. It is one of the Alpha cities and it usually be considered as the fifth most important city in the world, after New York City, London, Paris and Tokyo. Also, a Time Magazine article in 2008 coined the phrase Nylonkong, which referred to New York City, London and Hong Kong, that these three cities form a global network that facilitates the global economy. As one of the world's leading international financial centres, Hong Kong has a major capitalist service economy characterised by low taxation and free trade, and the currency, Hong Kong dollar, is the eighth most traded currency in the world. The lack of space caused demand for denser constructions, which developed the city to a centre for modern architecture and the world's most vertical city. Hong Kong has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. The dense space also led to a highly developed transportation network with the public transportSee More